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Paramhans Dayal Swami
Shri Paramhans Dayal Swami Advaita Nandji Maharaj

The Spiritual Emperor, His Holiness Shri Paramhans Dayal Swami took to human form on a Sunday of 1846 at Dahiyanwa Mohalla ( Brahman Toli ) of Chhapra (Bihar) town. His father was famous scholar Pandit Tulsi Pathak. As he was born on the auspicious day of " Ram Navami " the child was reverentially called as 'Ram Roop',
'Ram Yaad' or 'Ram Narayan'.

In very childhood, his mother died and he was brought up by his father's disciple Lala Narhari Prasad. From very childhood Ram Yaad was full of spiritualism. At the teder age of 8 or 9 , the divine child was seen elevating his body up during practice of "Pranayaam", which he later gave up after getting threat from the elders. But the child was already revealing the divinity inherent in his personality. After the age of 16 , he renounced his home and took to the forest-paths of Bihar as an "avadhoot". He reached at Rohtas Fort travelling dense forest of Dehri Ghat,Tilouthu etc. He spent 8 - 9 years in rigorous practice and meditation. After that he travelled all the holy places of India during next 16 years. While he was sitting thus on the bank of river Yamuna one day, a great saint came and gave him the affectionate title Paramhans .

From Mathura, Paramhansji came to Jaipur in 1883, where he happened to meet the 90 years old Swami Anandpuriji, who named him as his spiritual succcessor to his seat. Later the great preceptor renounced the seat too, and occcupied himself with more satisfyisng mission of spreading the cult of Bhakti. Swami Anandpuri taught him many functions (Kriya) of "Pranayaam" and Yoga. During his stay at Jaipur he met many prominent feagures . One of them was Swami Dayanand.

Like Kabir, he was frank and straight forward. Like Jesus Christ and Lord Buddha , he alleviated the suffering of mankind. He was against the eretion of any Samadhi or Math or Memorial. His endeavour was to help tame the beast in Man and exhort him on the path of true humanity,through Surt Shabad Yoga etc.

In utter humility he never disclosed his real name and identity. Only one Thakur Bhure Singh knew his mundane particulars . Some three or four years ago people knew about his birthplace.

He never displayed or boasted of his knowledge of various langauages included English, Persian , Sanskrit and Arabic etc. He was truly unpretentious. In his view , fame for a fakir was a fall from grace. Various aspects of thus illustrious saint's life have been given in different chapters of " Sachidanand Prakash".

He attained Nirvana in July,1919 after transferring succession of the seat to Beliramji who later famed as Swami Swarupanandji.