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Goutam Buddha

Buddham Sharanam gachchhami !

Don is 35 Km. away from Siwan town. It is in Darounda
block of Siwan District .You may go to Don from Patna by road
via Chhapra crossing Mahatma Gandhi Bridge over river Ganges.
An alternate route by road is from Kushinagar(U.P) via Gopalganj.

There is a kahawat that after cremation of Buddha a dispute arose as to how
his ashes should be divided. Eventually a Brahmin, called Dona was given
the task and he satisfied all the eight claimants of ashes.The vessel, in
which the ashes had been collected and from which he had divided,
given in reward to Dona.He enshrined the vessel in a Stupa .
Stupa became a popular destination of pilgrims.

Hiuen Tsiang during his visit to India at the time
of Chandragupta Mourya, saw the Stupa emiting a
briliant light though it had become ruins that time.Now-a-days
Dona's Stupa is a large grassy mound / hillock outside of village Don.
Nearby is an exceptionally beautiful statue of Tara, now being worshiped as
a Hindu goddess.The statue is of 9th Century and has archeological importance.

The story about Dona's division of ashes of Buddha is in the last part of the
Mahaparinibbana Sutta, which can be found in Walshe's The Long Discourses.

Sangham Sharanam Gachchhami !